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Creating out-of-this-world global communication transformations

CloudForce has our own ideas on how to create great spaces. But we know that an effective solution is based on a complete understanding of each customer's unique needs and business goals. Here are a variety of resources that illustrate custom AV solutions of the type we provide. Contact us to start a conversation about your needs.

Great office collaboration concepts

Homedit, an interior design blog shows off some great functional meeting spaces, most of which include technology as part of the design.

Business communication technology

The San Francisco Chronicle takes a look at the basic requirements for business communication.

Technology working at home

Our VTC systems are small enough and can be affordable enough to install in your home office. Our systems are also compatible with today's most popular smart assistants. Many of these same principles can create hybrid spaces that serve both business and pleasure. Mitsubishi looks at some home technology trends.

Official certification

Infocomm International is now AVIXA, the official trade association of the audio-visual industry. This organization sets standards for design and installation and provides education to the industry. It is a great resource for research and technological information.

Digital signage trends

Digital Signage Today is a one stop source to learn about improvements in 4K UHD displays, the latest in 8K technology and implementation, and how digital signage can be utilized to help businesses cope and succeed when dealing with COVID-19.

Building faster and more efficient communications for business